Residential Results Brokerage community Which neighborhood is the most active in the fight against HIV?

Which neighborhood is the most active in the fight against HIV?

The fight against AIDS is on the front lines of American politics and on the minds of millions of people.

But there’s a huge difference between the rhetoric and the reality.

The United States has an epidemic, and people need to be educated about it, especially when it comes to how to protect themselves and their families.

That’s why we launched the Achieving Achieval: The Conversation About HIV and AIDS in America series to tell the stories of the people who have worked hard to fight this epidemic, how they’ve overcome it, and what they’ve learned.

This month, we’re unveiling an exclusive list of 10 of our favorite neighborhoods in the United States.

These communities are home to the most new HIV cases and the highest rate of newly diagnosed HIV infections.

We’ll also explore how the new HIV testing guidelines are affecting their residents, as well as the communities that are hardest hit by HIV testing mandates.

Here are 10 of the most important and exciting neighborhoods in America.


Chicago, Illinois 2.

San Francisco, California 3.

Seattle, Washington 4.

San Diego, California 5.

Dallas, Texas 6.

Los Angeles, California 7.

Detroit, Michigan 8.

Phoenix, Arizona 9.

Miami, Florida 10.

Austin, Texas