Residential Results Brokerage community The Trump administration’s latest effort to regulate online shopping could take a new direction

The Trump administration’s latest effort to regulate online shopping could take a new direction

article The Trump Administration’s latest efforts to regulate internet retailing could take another direction, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC says the Federal Communications Commission should consider a new rule on online shopping, which the agency plans to release as soon as Thursday.

In a notice to industry representatives, the agency said it’s reviewing a proposal from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that could require websites to include disclosures about the type of products sold online.

The proposal is a part of the agency’s investigation into online retailers.FTC chair Ajit Pai said last week that the agency would soon issue a rule that would make it easier for consumers to shop for consumer goods online.

The agency is also considering whether to lift a previous rule that made it harder for businesses to offer their products through the internet.

A rule that prohibits internet retailers from selling goods or services through the same channel they use to sell their goods and services would apply to online sales as well as physical stores.

Under Pai’s proposal, businesses could not sell products through online platforms without their products being available through the retail channel.

If a company sold through an online platform, it would be subject to a different disclosure requirement than a company selling directly to consumers.

Under the FCC proposal, a business would not have to disclose to consumers what kind of product it sells.

The agency is considering whether that disclosure could apply to products made from renewable energy sources.

In addition, the FCC proposes to give consumers the right to inspect and remove labels from items that they purchase through the online platforms they use.