Residential Results Project How to fix your apartment’s garbage problem

How to fix your apartment’s garbage problem

A residential trash service has installed a mobile robot to remove the trash from homes, apartments and businesses and to collect the waste in a central area.

A program called Smart Waste and Recycling is providing the service to all of Oregon’s public and private trash collection sites.

The robots are being tested on public property across the state.

They are being used to clear the sidewalks and clear the street.

The robots are also being used for yardwork and for other tasks, including sorting out the waste from garbage cans.

This program is a big step for Portland.

The city has had no trash pick-up since November 2015, but the citywide program will help residents who need to do their own trash-sorting.

This is the second year in a row Portland has used the robots to clear garbage in the city.

In 2016, city officials announced they were installing a garbage pickup truck.

But the trucks didn’t have a way to collect trash from the sidewalks.

This year, the city has installed Smart Waste to clear trash and remove it from public property, including parks, schools and churches.