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How to get rid of the windows

New York City residents have a right to ask the city’s mayor, who is often accused of being insensitive, to leave the window open.

New Yorkers should make a call to the mayor and demand that he or she does not leave windows open on the residential floors of their homes, according to a petition that has collected more than 20,000 signatures.

The petition argues that the mayor’s decision to allow residents to hang their curtains up to dry on their balconies violates the city charter, which says no person shall be deprived of the enjoyment of his or her own property unless he or her owner provides consent.

Residents should also call the City Council and request that the Mayor’s Office provide them with an alternative solution for curtains that do not block windows.

In December, the city council unanimously approved a bill to ban the window hanging and ceiling hanging on residential floors.

The bill, SB 13, was approved in January but stalled in the legislature.

Residents have also called for the city to remove the window from balconies, a practice that is banned in the city.

The City Council is expected to take up the bill when it meets again in January.