Residential Results Legal advice Intel to release next-gen Intel Atom CPU for $499 (full review)

Intel to release next-gen Intel Atom CPU for $499 (full review)

The Intel Atom has a lot going for it: It’s cheap and it has an impressive 10.6-inch display.

And while Intel hasn’t announced anything for the Atom yet, there’s a new Intel Atom chip on the way.

Intel says it will release an Atom chip called the Atom E6-3510G in early 2018.

That chip will be an update to the Atom 6th Generation, which Intel released in February.

We’re waiting for Intel to officially announce the Atom chip, but we’ll keep you posted.

The new Atom chip will ship in the same chassis as the E6, but it will be slightly larger.

The Atom E7-3710G will be Intel’s first new Atom processor since the Atom Xeons launched in 2009.

The E7 chips, which were also introduced in 2010, were more powerful and more power-efficient than the E5 chips.

The Intel E7s were aimed at businesses, and the E7 chip will give those customers a choice.

We’ll have a review up soon on Intel’s Atom processor, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see how the new chip will perform.