Residential Results Project Comcast Residential Front Doors to Open in New York City

Comcast Residential Front Doors to Open in New York City

Residential front doors will be open in New Jersey on July 4, according to Comcast.

Residents who live in the state can now open the doors on the weekend, with Comcast’s Residential Backflow preventers also available. 

Residents who live outside the state should check the weather, but Comcast says the doorbells should not be installed.

Comcast is also working with local emergency management agencies to allow residents to make repairs on their homes as well.

The company says there are no immediate plans to open up front doors in New Orleans, but that will be coming in a couple weeks. 

Comcast says that its Residential Backflows preventers will not only prevent floodwater from entering homes, but they will also help reduce property damage by preventing the water from getting into the roof.

They will also protect against condensation buildup, which can cause roof damage in a home. 

There is currently no pricing information available for the Residential Backflows, but it will likely be available at a later date.

Comcast also recently announced that it will be offering free Internet to residential customers for the duration of the hurricane.