Residential Results Project How to avoid residential backflows from Brisbane’s major dams

How to avoid residential backflows from Brisbane’s major dams

The Queensland Government’s controversial dams and river network have come under scrutiny again with a study of their impact.

The Government’s dams and River Network Infrastructure Authority (RANIA) has launched a comprehensive dam-based water management strategy to reduce the likelihood of further impacts to the state’s water resources.

Key points:The study is based on an extensive analysis of Queensland’s damsThe Government wants to reduce water pressure in dams to encourage more water flowing into the riversRANIIA has commissioned a water management planThe report, entitled Dam-Based Water Management, says the Government’s existing dams are a large part of the problemRAN Iain Geddes, the Government dams and rivers managing authority, said a study by the Government showed a 40 per cent drop in the number of people accessing dams in the state over the past decade.

“The number of dams that we are able to manage is really significant.

I think it shows the significant impact of the dams on the rivers,” Mr Geddis said.”

It’s not just the fact that they’re in the floodplains and they’re there, but also the fact they’re connected to the city.”

There’s no other thing that has been so heavily impacted by the dams.

“They are really important, but they are also a major factor in the rivers and the lakes.”

Mr Gedds said it was important to understand the impact dams had on the state, because the study showed the State’s dams were a large factor in a water supply that could be interrupted by major floods.

“We can’t have a large number of them all going up and down at the same time.

That means that the flow of water from them is impacted in a significant way,” he said.

The RANIRA study has been commissioned by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), which has been pushing for the Government to upgrade dams and reduce water pressures in the dams that were originally built to help protect the state from flooding.

“These dams are really a big driver for river flows, they are a huge driver of river flow in the Queensland River Basin, they’re a major driver of the Brisbane River,” Mr Cusack said.

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