Residential Results News City: Residents of Herbert apartment building have complained to police over alleged code violations

City: Residents of Herbert apartment building have complained to police over alleged code violations

A residential stairway in Herbert has been closed to residents and business owners after residents and the city’s code enforcement department complained about it being open.

In a news release on Monday, Herbert resident and Herbert city councillor Joe Wainwright said a code inspector and a resident complained that the stairway was open on two consecutive days last week, and the building has been blocked off since then.

Wainwright told CBC News the code enforcement officer and the resident, both residents, were not aware of the code violations, which are the property owner’s responsibility.

“They were unaware of the issue for a long time,” he said.

Warners said the city has been in communication with the code inspector who is investigating.

“We have a process in place in place that we will follow.

We’ve been in contact with the codes enforcement officer, and I’m confident that that will resolve this issue,” he told CBC.

Code enforcement officers will be reviewing the complaints and making a determination, Wainwritt said.

“The inspector has been very thorough.

They have looked at the code and they have done an audit and they’re making a recommendation,” he added.

Waverwright said the building’s owner is taking the issue very seriously, and he said he has not heard any further information about the issue.

In the release, Herbert city council member Chris Smith said the residential stair was shut down last Wednesday to make sure the building was safe for residents and to help the building owners.

“Residents were advised of the closure, which was to make certain the building is safe for their safety and security,” he wrote.

“We are concerned that some residents have been unable to access the stairways.

We have also requested that the building owner, the Herbert Development Corporation, provide the required security measures to ensure safety of all residents.”