Residential Results Recruitment ‘I’ve never seen such a large group of people’: Crows rally to save a family’s home

‘I’ve never seen such a large group of people’: Crows rally to save a family’s home

The Crows have rallied to save their families’ home, with the players rallying together to help save a Sydney street.

Key points:Crows owner John Worsfold says the team was the first to get involved after the storm hitThe street was destroyed, leaving a trail of debris and broken glass, and the Crows’ players are taking part in a public-relations exercise to try and raise awareness about the damageCrows CEO John Wantsers said it was his understanding that the Crowers had not been in the city for more than an hour before they arrivedThe Crows are now organising a community event to raise awareness around the damageThe Cydonia Road in Croydon has been damaged by the storm, and its residents have gathered to help raise money for rebuilding.

Crows fans have also joined the group to take part in the event, which is being held on Saturday morning.

“We’ve been up for about an hour,” Crows CEO Joe Worsford said.

“It’s been a whirlwind day for all of us, and it’s really a fantastic thing to see our club in a positive light.”

I’ve got to say it’s been the first time in my lifetime, but it’s always been my intention to try to get the club back to the community.”‘

It’s like a dream come true’: Croyden residentCynthia Mott said she had never experienced anything like the Cydony Road disaster.”

This is the first real real time that we have seen people get out of their cars and do something to help,” she said.

Cynthia Mott (left) and her son, Aaron, were in a group of Crows fans to help in the aftermath of the stormThe Croydons Crows fan group is a local group who has helped in the wake of the disaster.

Cydonia resident Cynthia Mott says she was in a “dream come true” when she saw her son Aaron in the group.”

That was the biggest thing that I’ve ever seen, I mean I’ve never experienced it like this, to see them out there, and then to see the other Crows players come down and help,” Ms Mott told 7.30.”

They just stood there, they just stayed out there and helped the community, so it’s like, you know, it’s a dream I’m just so happy that they were able to help out, because it’s not always that easy to see someone do something.

“The group has also rallied together to raise money to help rebuild the Croydos property.

Croydon resident and Crows supporter, James Jones said he hoped the group’s actions would help the community and the team.”

Just seeing that it’s people that are out there doing what they can to help with the damage and to put themselves out there to do something like that, that’s just a great sign of how much we love the Cuddlers and how much they love us and we’ve all got a big smile on our face,” he said.

The Cuddler fans have raised more than $4,000 so far, with $3,000 donated to a charity supporting homeless people.

Crowds gather to support the Cudons in Cydonies devastated streetThe Cuddleers are also trying to raise the community’s awareness of the damage caused by the Cremo Storm.”

There’s so much debris around the street and the houses have been completely destroyed and there’s a trail that’s been left behind of broken glass,” Cydonian resident John Warsford said from his home.”

And so if you’re looking to see what’s left of your house and if you can help them, then I’m happy to do that.

“Cydonian councillor David Wilson said the Cumbrians had been doing a good job since the storm.”

If you can make it to Cuddles and help them out with some of the damaged houses, that will be fantastic.””

It shows the community that if you do anything to help, then you’re welcome.”

If you can make it to Cuddles and help them out with some of the damaged houses, that will be fantastic.

“The Cumblers are also doing a public relations exercise to help their team raise awareness.