Residential Results Legal advice Why are you renting out your bedroom for a living?

Why are you renting out your bedroom for a living?

Residents of the Lsu residential house on a hilltop near Gondaluru have been renting out their bedrooms for a few years now.

This is not their first attempt at a living, either.

They have rented out a large space for a year to a friend’s husband, but his family wanted more space, so they decided to convert it into a bedroom.

It’s a move that could make the house a bit more affordable.

“We decided to rent it out as a private residence and keep the rent down, for the sake of our neighbours,” said the man, who declined to be named.

“It’s an investment of money.

But in the end, it will pay back the investments made to us,” he said.

A man’s bedroom.

Source: The Times Of India The bedroom was converted into a house.

“I am very thankful to the government for this.

I will never rent again,” said Kishore.

Residents in Gondala and Malasri have also decided to make the move.

“The government should come and give us a chance to live here, we can’t do it without them,” said Shobha Kumar, who lives in Malasripur.

Residents of Malasrigar.

Source : The Times OF India Many residents are worried that their neighbours may move away if they don’t get a home.

But, in a city like Kolkata, there are a lot of options.

The city’s high density of people means there are more places to live in the city, said M.V. Shastri, founder of M.D.S. Home.

“But if you are willing to accept the risk, it’s better to live with someone who will support you and give you security,” he added.

“You need to have a certain level of financial security and to make a living.

There are many options for these people,” said Mr. Shishu, who is a resident of Malakalagam in Kolketta.

There is also a “family-based” model, in which people living in the same household can share a room, and can also share a common kitchen.

“If one or two people decide to leave, we will try to find a solution.

If it’s too expensive, we might move,” said Mihir.

But for now, the residents are keeping it a secret, and are staying in the house and trying to work out how to deal with the change.