Residential Results Project What are the key features of the Ginkgo homebuilding program?

What are the key features of the Ginkgo homebuilding program?


Cost of ownership: The most common cost is around €4 million.

With a minimum of €3.5 million investment, it takes just over four years to build a home, and can be built in a number of different styles, with the most affordable being a modest three-bedroom house with a three-car garage, but the average cost is €7.5m.

The Ginkgos can also be built into a residential building or a commercial complex, so there is a wide range of options for the buyer.


Features: The home is available in four main configurations: a semi-detached home with a kitchen, living room, dining room and kitchenette, and a two-bedroom semi-retailer home, with a balcony and a swimming pool.

There is also a two bedroom semi-commercial home, as well as an optional third bedroom and a guesthouse.

There are also separate bedrooms for a woman and a boy, and separate bathrooms for a couple and two people.

There also is a large backyard for a dog, a swimming pond, a bike path and a play area.


Design: The Gino Ginkhos are designed by renowned Italian designer Giuseppe Giuseppino, who was inspired by his grandmother, Francesco Ginko, who lived in a house built in the 14th century, which was decorated with a vast variety of flowers and landscapes.

The exterior is designed to be as simple and contemporary as possible, and the design elements have been carefully chosen to evoke the beauty of nature.

The house is designed in such a way that it can be adapted to meet the changing needs of the home owner, with each bedroom designed to look and feel like a home away from home, rather than a luxury home.

The interior is built with a range of different finishes, including glass, timber and stone.

The living room is open, with views of the sea and the countryside.


Design language: Ginkgyos are not just about design, but also about design in a way which emphasises natural beauty, which the Gino family values highly.

In the design language of Giusepe Giusepio, the Ginos say that their style is ‘a combination of elegance, simplicity and warmth’.

They also emphasise the importance of harmony in all of their design.

The design of the house also emphasises the importance to be able to talk to the person in the house, with all the furniture being in a simple and elegant manner.

The walls are finished in natural stone, and each room has a fireplace in the living room and a kitchenette in the kitchen.

The kitchen is covered in ceramic tiles and wood, which creates a warm and inviting space.

The bedrooms have their own kitchens and bathrooms, as they were designed for them.


Interior design: There are no hidden corners or gaps.

The rooms have large windows that allow natural light in, and they have windows and doors in the hallway.

There have also been some small details such as a table in the master bedroom that has a mirror on it.

The guesthouse is designed with a fireplace, but it is not as grand as the other two bedrooms, which have windows that open to the sea.


Living spaces: The master bedroom has a large, open-plan dining room with an open-air staircase.

There’s also a separate lounge area for people to sit or rest.

The second bedroom has an open, open, double-height bedroom, with an island for sleeping.

The dining room has an extra small double-length room for eating and drinking.

The bathroom has a sink in the vanity, and an electric shower.


Living quarters: The bedrooms are built on a single level and have separate living rooms.

There has been some consideration for a second bedroom, but that would be too large for the standard family size.


Family living: There is a second kitchen in the dining room, with stainless steel appliances and a gas-fired oven.

The family bathroom has been designed with stainless-steel appliances and an oven.

There was also consideration for an extra-small living room with a double-bathroom, but this was ruled out.

The bedroom also has a bath, a sink and shower.


The main kitchen: The kitchen has a gas stove with a gas hob.

It is fitted with a stainless-plastic basin, and there are also a small wooden bath.

The shower is a stainless steel bathtub with stainless brass fixtures, which makes it suitable for both boys and girls.

The bath has a tub and shower and a sink.

The other rooms have a kitchen and bath.


Kitchen: There’s a sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, and other appliances.

The stove has a microwave oven and a range for cooking.

There isn’t a range in the main