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How to register for residential gates

Google News is home to the most comprehensive residential gateway list in the world.

It contains more than 200,000 residential gate registrations and updates them frequently.

You can also browse the list of residential gate owners and click on a property’s name to get a more detailed view of the property.

The residential gate registration website is managed by the Residential Greetings Association of Canada (RGA).

You can view the registration details and contact information of all the residential gate operators and gate owners on the website.

The information you will find here is provided as a service to our visitors and does not constitute an endorsement by RGA.

It is provided for general information purposes only.

If you would like to share your thoughts on the information or if you have a question, please contact RGA at [email protected]

You can view or download the Residential Gate Registration List for Canada (PDF) and view the list for the other countries that have registered their residential gate.