Residential Results Project When the Pac-12 is a $40M market, it will be a market for real estate

When the Pac-12 is a $40M market, it will be a market for real estate

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll be happy to know that your local college and university can now rent out their campuses to residents who have an electrical service provider who can install boilers or solar panels.

The Pac-8 Conference, a consortium of seven conferences in the Pac 12, announced on Tuesday that it will lease campuses to those who are interested in solar, and have access to the required electric service.

The move comes as the Pac 8 is expanding its residential electric service offerings to cover additional campuses, and the Pac 10 has made similar changes in recent years.

But in some cases, the Pac 6 and Pac 8 are actually charging their own tuition rates for their students.

For example, if you’re enrolled in a California State University at Stanislaus degree-granting program, you’re paying $10,000 for tuition, plus $1,400 toward room and board.

And you’re also charged $7,000 toward living expenses, but that amount goes toward your housing and other living expenses.

The new policy allows students who can’t afford to pay the $50,000 in tuition to pay their share of the cost.

The policy is only available to residential electricians, not residential electrician assistants or residential electric installer employees, so you need to apply to the Pac 9 for help with that.

To learn more about the policy and how it will work for you, check out the Pac 11 blog and Pac 12 blog for more details.