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What to know about new residential parking rules

By Brian BreenAssociated Press – SEATTLE (AP) Seattle will ban residential parking permits and require new residential phone service starting July 1, starting in residential neighborhoods.

The city will also require drivers to get a new residential driver’s license or permit.

The ban applies to commercial drivers and includes a requirement that drivers wear seatbelts and wear safety equipment.

The move follows the release of a state report that found drivers driving cars in residential areas were nearly twice as likely to have a fatal crash than drivers who drove in commercial areas.

The report also found that residential parking is a major cause of collisions, including crashes that kill people and injuries.

Seattle City Council member Nick Licata says the new rules are necessary to improve safety in residential zones, which have been plagued by high-speed and distracted driving.

“The new rules will require that drivers follow these rules, and they will ensure that residential residents are protected from collisions,” Licata said in a statement.

The state’s report also called for improving the number of residential parking spaces in Seattle, and increasing the number in the city to allow for more parking.

The City Council approved the new parking regulations on Wednesday.

The new parking rules are scheduled to take effect in July.