Residential Results Recruitment Why Netflix has finally gotten serious about renting its content

Why Netflix has finally gotten serious about renting its content

Netflix announced it will allow its streaming content to be rented through its new home for residential and commercial hvacs in Australia.

The company has long been looking to open up its home video business to commercial hVacs, and it is finally getting that chance with the announcement.

Netflix says it will be making it available to customers across the country from July 1, 2017.

Netflix will be letting them use the hvACs that are already in place to rent content, which can be a great opportunity for renters looking to take advantage of its wide selection of premium titles, including some popular shows like House of Cards.

Netflix is also launching an ad-free version of its content in Australia for the first time, with no ads, for those with existing subscriptions.

The announcement comes after Netflix launched a new ad-supported version of House of Crap last year, which has seen it become one of the biggest home video platforms in the world, and has been hailed by critics as a major milestone for the platform.

The company will be looking to repeat that success in Australia, with the release of a new commercial hvd called The House of Crackers, which is scheduled to launch this year.